Cibo & Bevande

Wood & Fire
They say, that wood and fire aren't good neighbors. The Wood & Fire restaurant disagrees with that. Wood & Fire - it's a leisure complex that includes a restaurant, lounge and DJ-bar. The quiet atmosphere and entertainment, noisy or quiet dinner - everyone will find something that suits him.
The restaurant "Kuhmystr" is located in the center of Minsk. The name of the restaurant came from German - "master of cuisine" - is it the same, as chef. It was the name of the chef of the Rech Pospolitaya (Belarus was the part of it).
Beauty and tasty history began at Falcone in 2007. The restaurant opened its doors to those who appreciate the aesthetics and harmony of food.
Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China and India. Cuisines of five most attractive Eastern countries are gathered in one institution - in the pan-Asian restaurant "Shikari".It is very colorful and bright, but at the same time cozy place for your relaxation.
The View
People dream to reach for the skies, but not everyone knows that it's real. Restaurant The View, which is located at an altitude of 100 meters in the city center, gives that apportunity.
"Veranda" - it's the first restaurant with an open kitchen in Minsk. Here you can see with your own eyes, how will your dish be prepairing. Another feature of the restaurant - the prices on the main menu is really below the average for the city.
Real Belarusian hospitality, warm atmosphere and delicious food! All this and something else awaits you in the restaurant "Svoi".
Cafe de Paris
Cafe de Paris - it's the European cuisine with a rich and varied italian menu. The restaurant has special relaxing atmosphere. In the lounge area of the Cafe de Paris it is a wide selection of hookahs.
When you will cross the threshold of the restaurant LIDO, you'll find yourself in the atmosphere of home hospitality and fabulous interior. You will not be left without attention - friendly owners of the restaurant are always welcome and offer to taste home-cooked dishes of European and Belarusian cuisine.
"DEPO" - it's the first Minsk creperie with a distinctive concise design and wide choice of fillings.
"Balcon" - is city cafe with Asian cuisine and panoramic views of the forecourt. The café is equipped with an outdoor summer terrace. "Balcon" will be perfect for those, who love Asian cuisine with the artist's vision.
"Lozhki" - it's a cozy café in the city center of Minsk. Its story continues for almost 10 years, during which the atmosphere, delicious food and excellent service are unchanged.
Café "Beze" - it's the confectionery with the updated summer terrace, a gourmet dessert card and the ability to manufacture cakes to order, waits for everyone, who wants to spend time in a spiritual and vibrant atmosphere, enjoy the delicious dishes of the talented chef and dive into the special atmosphere.
Mon Cafe
Atmosphere of the Mon Cafe is romantic, sensual, full of beautiful events. Here you will find the comfort for a relaxing holiday, a romantic mood for the unforgettable moments with your loved or brilliant ideas for holiday fun.
The pleasant interior of the cafe reminds a comfortable apartment with the flowers and books. Sofas, interesting porcelain figurines, quiet background music and aquarium complete the atmosphere.
Here you'll get not just tasty meal, but also a relaxation. In the "Chekhov" you can play pool, play on the rarity piano, play solitair, backgammon, checkers or chess.
Loft Cafe - it's the place that combines a bistro with a quick lunch and an excellent restaurant with author's cuisine, a nightclub with dancing till the morning and DJ-bar, where visitors are offered not only a wide selection of drinks, and music for every taste.
Gastro-pub Gambrinus
If you search a hospitable place for a fun and delicious dinner, it is the time to wander through the historic center of Minsk, and to look into the soul of gastro-pub. The pab has more than 13 varieties of draft beer.
Gastro-pub Royal Oak
Royal Oak Pub - it's a traditional English pub in the center of Minsk. The restaurant attracts with an elegant interior, the public intellectuals and excellent cuisine.
HOPS - it's the place in the English style for everyone, who appreciates a good rest. Three comfortable rooms, a great bar area, casual atmosphere, good beer and the food is cooked in the "Hosper Spanish" oven.
Simple and clean style in everything - a modern democratic interior, designed by the Lithuanian design studio, friendly atmosphere, a unique supply of food and beverages. And all of this is in a beautiful part of Minsk, in the heart of the old town. It's easy to spend an entire evening: delicious dinner, unusual cocktails, relaxation, interesting people, great music and dances with the best Dj.
The sandwiches are served on the bottles, salads - in the banks, and cocktails are created by an atypical combination of spices and berries.
Pinky Bandinsky
On the ground floor there is a kitchen and a cozy summer terrace, on the second floor, the main room with six meter ceilings, a VIP room and a balcony, overlooking the courtyard. Motley furniture, portraits of inmates, crystal chandeliers and many unique interior elements, make you feel like in a museum.
Svobody, 4
The bar focuses on wine and snacks. The main feature is a serious kitchen (for wine bar), cheap wine and sincere attitude to each visitor.
Malt & Hops
Where can you feel like a real English pub visitor, if not in the Malt & Hops? Decent music, quality drinks, delicious snacks - features of real the pub.
Sweets & Spices (Pryanosti & Sladosti)
Looking for a nice and cozy place for a touching conversation? The coffee shop "Spices & Sweets" is open to you - it's the place where you'll find a good coffee, sweet additions and atmosphere with a special charm.
Coffee - it's a drink with a rich history, which is aware successfully combined with the modern cooking trends. "26" - it's a place of coffee alchemy with a pleasant atmosphere.
CoffeMall - it's the atmosphere and the interior of the French Provence in the center of Minsk. It is always quiet music, comfort and privacy. Visitors notice reasonable prices, a lot of promotions and discounts, delicious menu.
Coffee Sound
Coffee house "Coffee Sound" - this is an atmospheric place with good music, professional barista, coffee card of 18 drinks, a variety of interesting pastries, among which the cookies from the Netherlands with chocolate chips.
Svoya Kofeynya
The coffehouse it's a cozy place for a small compasnies in the city center, where you can not only drink tea, coffee, but to chat. There are many opportunities for those, who want to have fun and to spend time.
Coffe & Cava
Cozy and warm coffe house with the hot drinks and tasty bakery products.
The coffee house "Utopiya60" stands out in futuristic style of the 1960s. The era was recreated with the help of the era spirit.
Pizza Smile
More than 20 different types of pizza in one place? In «Pizza Smile»! For lovers of originality in the menu, there is a separate page. Such pizzas can not be seen anywhere else, it is the author's recipes from the chef.
Domino’s Pizza
Domino's Pizza company was founded in 1960 in the United States. It is a thin Italian pizza or thick-crust pizza - American classics. And it's pizza, which is bought at the same time in 85 countries.
Papa John's
As a high school student working at a local pizza pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Papa John's founder John Schnatter felt there was something missing from national pizza chains – a superior-quality traditional pizza delivered right to the customer's door. His dream was to one day open a pizza restaurant that would fill that void.
The basic idea of the PizzaMania - is to give everyone the opportunity to create the feeling of different cities in the world. Therefore the interiors ofthe pizzerias are decorated in the style of different cities and countries!
4 corners (4 ugla)
Quality of the products depends on the selection of raw materials. Ingredients are purchased only from approved suppliers and local farmers, thus protecting the environment and ensuring the use of only the finest seasonal ingredients.
Pizza Foot
Cozy and friendly atmosphere, a wide variety of cuisines.
"Sbarro's" future is bright, - says the Sbarro Holdings company management. - We have a rich and proud history and a future full of hopes and great opportunities.
Presto Pizza
In order for you to be completely satisfied, the chefs, who really love their job, create the best pizzas! Meals are prepared with the fresh products, which are not only pleasing to taste, but also have appetizing appearance.
Pizza Tempo
The main principles of pizzerias "Pizza Tempo" are high quality cuisine, stylish and comfortable interior, reasonable prices.
Sushi House
The companн SUSHI HOUSE operates on the sushi delivery market for more than 6 years, and all these years main for them is the love and recognition of guests.
The biggest chain of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars in Russia
Sushi Planet
"Sushi Planet" - a network of Japanese restaurants, which combin the original recipes and traditions with modern design and the latest technology.
Delivery service and Japanese cafe of the new format, the first institution in the Republic of Belarus, working at a sushi conveyor system!
Kaiten Sushi
Sushi bars are very popular in Minsk. You could see Sushi menu in many restaurants around the city. Kaiten Sushi Bar offers decent service and is located right next to Dozari Club.
A professional look at Japanese cuisine
Classic rolls at a good price. Instead of traditional seaweed sheets, there are used mamenori. Takeaway meals can be picked up at a discount of 30%.
Food energy, combined in a compact form of sushi, rolls and other Japanese dishes, all of this is the main basis for a healthy diet. So they say in the "Manga".
Pizza Lisicca
A varied menu, fast delivery, free pizza - this and more is possible with a delivery service "Pizza Lisitstsa".
This Uzbek pilaf, Lagman, manti, samsa ... The delivery of the Uzbek cuisine has already covered half of the city, and going to cover the second one. - it's the delivery service from the cafe "Garage". The menu is the same popular European dishes, as in the "Garage". - the first belarusian food delivery.
Delivery service «» offers unique and delicious pan-Asian cuisine.
FunEzha - it's the delivery of healthy food for the whole day. The emphasis is on balanced diet with the plant foods.
Three shiefs
"Three chefs" - it's the delivery service, specializing in Italian cuisine. Here are the traditional dishes and specialties in the author's "reading".
Sushi Vesla
"Sushi Vesla take away» - is a professional delivery service of Japanese and Asian dishes with 9 years of experience. - it is natural, large and tasty burgers, which are cooked with fresh and natural products. All the meat ingredients are prepared independently, fresh vegetables and bread rolls are delivered from Finland.
Food delivery "FursiMA" offers its service life and satisfying lunch right in the office, at work in Minsk and Minsk region at reasonable prices.