Holiday & Health Resorts

Health resort "Yunost"
The history of "Ynost" began 40 years ago: health and fitness complex was built on the basis of an international center in 1998. During this time, many of the health resort clients became regular guests.
Sanatorium "Praleska"
Health resort "Praleska" will take care of the best holiday at the Minsk Sea in Belarus. It is located in a beautiful pine forest in 6 km from Minsk, in a clean place, where there is everything you'll need for a complete relaxation and effective treatment.
Recreation center "Raketa"
"Raketa" - it's a wellness complex on the bank of the reservoir Drozdy. The resort has a large swimming pool and "vital air room" treatments.
Holiday Village "Galaktika"
The recreation center "Galaktika" is located in a wooded area on the bank of the river Isloch (30 km from Minsk). We invite you to spend a memorable weekend and a good rest. "Galaktika" will be perfect for people, who enjoy outdoor activities, nature and fresh air.
Sport and health center "Olympiets"
Only the nature сan help to relax fully. The scope, which is hidden for the big cities citizens, the fresh air... It makes us free and full of energy. The recreation center "Olympiets" invites you to relax on the shore of the Minsk Sea. Here you will find everything you need for a good rest: comfortable accommodation, delicious food and a great choice of entertainment.