Dvor Starinki
All kinds of active rest in the center of the horse riding "Dvor Starinki". Horse riding for all.
We offer you a pleasant rest in 30 km from Minsk in the "Manul". Here you can escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and get some unusual experience of enjoying the outdoors and socializing, not only horses, but also with the various representatives of our fauna.
Horse riding - it's a great option of active pastime, which allows us to turn away from the noise and dirt of cities, harmoniously merge with nature, feel the unity with the noble animal.
AB Sport horses
We invite you to horseback riding, riding lessons and a wonderful vacation.
You can relax after a tiring everyday life and recharge your "batteries". We provide rental all year round: in the winter we have a sled, while in summer you can plunge into the old days, and a ride on a carriage!
Our estate is situated in a beautiful corner of the Belarusian nature, surrounded by picturesque hills. Clean air and exquisite nature create here favorable conditions for your holiday.
The club is located on the territory of the reserve Prilepsky - beautiful nature, fresh air, vast fields and the wonderful pine forests at your service!
Republican Center of Olympic training of equestrian sports and horse breeding
Horse-racing complex has a number of facilities for the training of horses and equestrian competitions of the European level.