Phones: +375 29 384-79-99,
+375 33 384-79-99
Address: Nezavisimosti ave., 154A
Surganova str., 57b
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At any time of year and the weather, you will get the adrenaline and those new emotions that you are missing! Do not look for them in shady places! Better to experience the full power of the new German kart RiMO EVO 6. A is the longest trail in Belarus (700 meters) will prolong your enjoyment of new emotions!

The most important task in the Karting «Forsage» Center - to ensure the safety of our customers. vehicle control system for enhanced security will allow you to not only fly, but also to be confident in its flight! For you a special clothes: a sports suit, the helmet of various sizes and additional protection for the neck and back. Only we have the card are equipped with arc and seat belts!