Grappa Motorsport

Phones: +375 29 650-05-74
Address: village Borovaya, Borovaya karting
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Grappa Motorsport Racing Club provides services in the following areas:
- Kart for children and adults in the open carting circuit;
- Hire kart racing class Formula 500;
- Rent strikes;
- Karting school for children from 5 years old;
- School-kart racing track and for adults;
- Preparation of track vehicles.

Grappa Motorsport - a true asphalt karting. The length of the main road is 450 meters. At the same time can be up to 15 karts. There is also a premium-track racing kart class Formula 500, which accelerates to 100 km / h. Its length - 1200 meters. In the car park of the club represented 15 rolling carts, 6 racing motorcycles. Racers provided with all necessary equipment: branded overalls and helmets, neck protection and gloves.