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PrideFitnessHouse offers to visit: group classes in fitness and dance styles (Zumba, Stretching, Yoga, Belly Dancing). These classes will help girls and women look more beautiful, toned and feel confident in any situation.

Jumping on trampolines and fitness - a revolutionary new training program. The uniqueness of this area is that it:
- An effective and exciting way to combat overweight.
- Strengthening of the ankle, knee joints.
- Improved muscle tone (including the deep muscles of the pelvic floor).
- Prevention of flatfoot and eliminating its negative consequences.
- Train the vestibular apparatus.
- Activation of metabolic processes in the body.

Group lessons in martial arts. Wrestling can be practiced within the group programs, as well as a personal trainer, who will master the techniques and hone your skills. Group and individual lessons in Functional Training / Coaching will help you not only to build a beautiful body, but also to develop qualities such as strength, endurance and agility, as well as strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Unique training in SWITCHING style, a comprehensive program "Maxi-Fit". The program includes training in the gym, weight and cardio and functional training, and the harmonious development of your beautiful and healthy body.