Beauty Residence Spa&Wellness center

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Address: President-Hotel
Kirova str., 18
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Guests enjoy advanced physiotherapy and beauty treatments for face and body. The center has gained the trust of visitors long time ago using innovative equipment and high quality materials. A variety of integrated programs and spa packages will complement wellness by relaxing dip and sauna, or a combination of various services to the best effect. Spa services are free for the guests of the “President Hotel”.

Now you can entrust the care about your beauty to our professionals from SPA-centre of the "President-Hotel", they help to restore and improve a skin condition of face and body. You can find a wide range of cosmetic services, a stunningly atmosphere and comfortable cosmetic rooms and professional and friendly staff. For procedures the specialists use cosmetic products from Jordan, Germany, France and Russia.

The personal care is a laborious and delicate work, every detail matters to achieve the desired result. In order to help you to look attractive and confident in any situation, our center has developed spa menus for men and women: a unique skin body care, integrated programs and spa packages. Cosmetic products on a natural basis give you the care of nature. We ensure that each of your visit will become enjoyable and effective!

The fatigue and adverse effects of the environment is always reflected on our appearance. The facial skin is the most delicate and unprotected thing, therefore caring for it needs a more scrupulous approach. The highly qualified specialists of our center can offer you a face massage, neck and décolleté massage, a facial skin care, express facials and masks, complex programs. Of course, men will not stay without attention! By using only high-quality cosmetic products and expert approach, we make your skin radiant, full of health and beauty. You can be attractive and stay young with the SPA-centre of the "President-Hotel".