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«Royal Thai Spa» offers a wide range of spa services and treatments designed to eliminate the effects of constant stress and load on the nervous system, helps you forget about tiredness, pain in muscles and joints; and that in addition to beneficial effects on the body, pleasing themselves at the expense of natural aromatic oils and herbal pouches.

The «Royal Thai Spa» spa-developed unique programs for hydration, nutrition, prevention of aging of skin. We offer programs for teens, relaxation and detox program for the strong spirit of men, modeling and sweet program for charming women, spa-program for people loving each other.

Also, is it possible to put himself in order, a manicure and pedicure for one hour? «Royal Thai Spa» provides an answer to this question in the affirmative! We will resolve your problem of acute shortage of time for these services and offer, for both women and men, the SPA manicure / pedicure, 4 hands. Save time !? - Do you mean it to our masters on manicure / pedicure, 4 hands.