Pizza Houses

Pizza Smile
More than 20 different types of pizza in one place? In «Pizza Smile»! For lovers of originality in the menu, there is a separate page. Such pizzas can not be seen anywhere else, it is the author's recipes from the chef.
Domino’s Pizza
Domino's Pizza company was founded in 1960 in the United States. It is a thin Italian pizza or thick-crust pizza - American classics. And it's pizza, which is bought at the same time in 85 countries.
Papa John's
As a high school student working at a local pizza pub in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Papa John's founder John Schnatter felt there was something missing from national pizza chains – a superior-quality traditional pizza delivered right to the customer's door. His dream was to one day open a pizza restaurant that would fill that void.
The basic idea of the PizzaMania - is to give everyone the opportunity to create the feeling of different cities in the world. Therefore the interiors ofthe pizzerias are decorated in the style of different cities and countries!
4 corners (4 ugla)
Quality of the products depends on the selection of raw materials. Ingredients are purchased only from approved suppliers and local farmers, thus protecting the environment and ensuring the use of only the finest seasonal ingredients.
Pizza Foot
Cozy and friendly atmosphere, a wide variety of cuisines.
"Sbarro's" future is bright, - says the Sbarro Holdings company management. - We have a rich and proud history and a future full of hopes and great opportunities.
Presto Pizza
In order for you to be completely satisfied, the chefs, who really love their job, create the best pizzas! Meals are prepared with the fresh products, which are not only pleasing to taste, but also have appetizing appearance.
Pizza Tempo
The main principles of pizzerias "Pizza Tempo" are high quality cuisine, stylish and comfortable interior, reasonable prices.