Case vacanza e cottages

Holiday house
The house with a large banquet hall,in 8 kilometers from Minsk, where you can celebrate a significant event, and to get a break from the city noise.
The hosts of the cottage tried to focus on the European service and provide impeccable service. Silichi -it's a cozy place for your special vacation, secluded from the bustle of the city.
Paradiz Cottage
Vacation - it's a perfect opportunity to forget about all the affairs and enjoy the atmosphere of full communion. In the noise of days, sometimes it is difficult to stop, but some "stops" are necessary for helping to take a deep breath and turning any mountain.
Mon Chalet Cottage
You can get in Alpine France without going to France! How? It's simple! Magnificent Mon Chalet offers relaxation in an elegant chalet. You will fall in love with it from the very first sight! The perfect balance of style and comfort!
Tarasovo Farmstead
How to make a holiday full of excitement and relaxation? You can escape from everyday city life to nature. For example, to have a rest in Tarasovo (in 3 kilometers away from Minsk). Incredibly beautiful nature, a large lake - that's what awaits guests of Tarasovo.
Green House Farmstead
If you want an unforgettable holiday with a Russian bath, swimming in the river, kayaking, fishing and hunting ... If you are planning a family vacation, wedding or corporate party in nature ... Manor Green House, located on the bank of the river Neman, is perfect for you!
Damelka Farmstead
All the Belarus wealth you can see there! The owners of the estate "Damelka" frugally gathered it for you. Flower Paradise, forest, lake, garden, 2 cozy houses with a sauna, pool and fireplace, national cuisine and, of course, hospitality.
"Pomestie" - it's a modern manor located in a secluded location on the lake (27 km from Minsk). The farmstead is filled with national flavour, with all the conveniences of city life and the main components of a country holiday. For the guests there is a Russian bath, table tennis, beach and barbecue area.