Modern Water Entertainment Center in the Heart of Minsk!
A five-storey entertainment complex, a summer open-air children’s water town with a swimming pool and attractions, a landscape park with a pond and cycle runs, landscaped embankment with a pier, beach, the construction of the hotel complex are located within the territory of 38 ha. adjacent to the reservoir “Drozdy”.
Dreamland Aqua Park - a great place where you can come with the cheerful company of friends or with your children and have a great time.
Fishing base "Ptich"
Base "Ptich", located just in 5 km from Minsk - is a unique place for fishermen and for lovers of active pastime in nature.
The recreation area "Clevoe mesto"
«Klevoe mesto" - a great vacation on the beautiful Belarusian pond - Vileyka reservoir. It is furnished places for the picnics, clean beaches and everything that you need for a outdoor recreation.
Pine grove (Sosnovaya roscha)
A unique manor house "Pine Grove" on all sides surrounded by pine forests. Here you will find everything for a holiday with your family or with a large company!
Hunting Farm "Vileyka experimental forestry"
The forestry near the picturesque Vileika reservoir.
Hunting "Volozhin Forestry"
Beautiful nature, rich woods in 30 minutes from Minsk.
Hunting complex "Vyazychin"
You can rent a cozy house, enjoy the pure Belarusian nature and relax from the urban bustle.
Silichy Skiing and Snowboarding Resort
Have a look at our guide to Silichy, one of the foremost ski resorts in Belarus. Here we offer the most useful information from peak to pub to pillow for you to plan perfectly your family winter break.
The ski resort "Logoisk"
Modern ski resort that meets the most stringent European standards, a real adrenaline paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.
Solnechnaya Dolina mountain ski center
If you are looking for the active place in Minsk - you are on the right track! Ski center "Solnechnaya Dolina" is in Kurasoushchyna in a picturesque corner of the capital on the bank of the river.
Yakutskiye Gory Ski Center
We offer high quality holiday vacation, which includes a maximum needed for the great events. Excellent cuisine and a variety of sports fields.
Raubichi Training Centre
Raubichi National Winter Olympic Training Centre located 20km away from Minsk is considered one of the best biathlon and freestyle skiing centers in the world. Raubichi has good alpine skiing facilities.
Tennis club «WIMC»
Tennis - this is our philosophy of life. And we try to follow the rules of the game. Any movement, the slightest move - could be decisive. Therefore, every detail is important to us.
Tennis club "Kort" - is an equipped complex, which has a modern indoor and outdoor courts, for the training in tennis and sparring.
Here everyone can enjoy professional and amateur game of tennis, rent a high-quality equipment and take advantage of the services of a coach.
Max Mirnyi center
Versatility, wide range of features, the undisputed coaching expertise and European comfort. It is the concept of the sports complex of Maxim Mirnyi.
The sports center "Tennis Club"
Tennis Center with 5 courts and everything needed for a comfortable game.
National tennis center
National center of tennis, situated in a picturesque location near the lake Komsomolskoe, is equipped with indoor and outdoor courts with different coatings - "hard", "soil" and "grass."
Tennis is one of the most prestigious sports. Tennis brings joy, longevity and helps to develop the necessary qualities in our lives, energy, drive, democracy, communication and dynamics.
Private school "Minsk-tennis" is perfect for those who have never held a tennis racket in the hands and wants to learn the basics of the game in a relatively short period of time.
Grappa Motorsport
Grappa Motorsport - is a racing Club, based by the three-time track racing champion of Belarus Sergei Lapitsky. A distinctive feature of the club - kart for children from 5 years old, the presence in the fleet racing kart of thr Formula 500 class and an outdoor go-kart track, which is ready for arrivals in all weather conditions.
"Kartland" - is the first and the only karting center with a spacious 2-level highway in Belarus. For eager speed and adrenaline, we have prepared a very long and exciting road among rental karting in Minsk.
The largest indoor karting center in Belarus, comfortable waiting area, coffee shop, shooting, game consoles and sporting events!
Karting on the paved open road gives you the atmosphere of the real races!
You can get a lot of positive emotions and positive mood for a long time in the "ProKart"!
Discover the race in karting club "LeMan" and you will understand why the indoors kart is a dynamic view of the active recreation in Minsk and Belarus!
Stoletova, 1
Entertaining or rental karts (go-karting) - this is a recently appeared in Minsk kind of outdoor activities, which gets increasingly strong position in the entertainment industry.
Dvor Starinki
All kinds of active rest in the center of the horse riding "Dvor Starinki". Horse riding for all.
We offer you a pleasant time in 30 km from Minsk in the "Pallas". Here you can escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and get unusual experience of enjoying the outdoors and socializing, not only horses, but also with the various representatives of our fauna.
Horse riding - it's a great option of active pastime, which allows us to turn away from the noise and dirt of cities, harmoniously merge with nature, feel the unity with the noble animal.
AB Sport horses
We invite you to horseback riding, riding lessons and a wonderful vacation.
You can relax after a tiring everyday life and recharge your "batteries". We provide rental all year round: in the winter we have a sled, while in summer you can plunge into the old days, and a ride on a carriage!
Our estate is situated in a beautiful corner of the Belarusian nature, surrounded by picturesque hills. Clean air and exquisite nature create here favorable conditions for your holiday.
The club is located on the territory of the reserve Prilepsky - beautiful nature, fresh air, vast fields and the wonderful pine forests at your service!
Republican Center of Olympic training of equestrian sports and horse breeding
Horse-racing complex has a number of facilities for the training of horses and equestrian competitions of the European level.