Biliardo Club

"Luch" - a cozy restaurant with a contact bar, nice tables, VIP-rooms and low prices.
The coffee tree
What is the ideal Friday evening? For some, it is going out with friends for coffee and other beverages. For others - the pool and a good dinner.
Billiard club "Pyramid" is open every day for the lovers of the game: both for professionals and for beginners.
Madison - a bar, billiards and bowling. All the best for a pleasant stay.
There is a cozy club room, decorated in traditional style with 10 tables: 7 - for Russian billiards, 3 - for a game of pool.
Zelyonaya polyana
Billiard club "Zelyonaya polyana" - is a modern entertainment center for people who know a lot about the rest! The club has everything you need for a pleasant pastime.
The location of the center "Titan" is very convenient as a little remote from the center, which helps you to take a break from the constant influx of people. "Titan" - is a huge entertainment center, which includes not only the billiards and bowling, but also cafes, restaurants, a children's room.
This club is the largest billiard club in Minsk. The interior of the two floors of "Europe" is punctuated directly on the musical theme: paintings of the legendary singers of the world, elements of design in the form of a guitar.
"Start" is located near the metro station "Moskovskaya". Quality of service, equipment for games and recreation is worthy to get out of the center of Minsk.