Wood & Fire
They say, that wood and fire aren't good neighbors. The Wood & Fire restaurant disagrees with that. Wood & Fire - it's a leisure complex that includes a restaurant, lounge and DJ-bar. The quiet atmosphere and entertainment, noisy or quiet dinner - everyone will find something that suits him.
The restaurant "Kuhmystr" is located in the center of Minsk. The name of the restaurant came from German - "master of cuisine" - is it the same, as chef. It was the name of the chef of the Rech Pospolitaya (Belarus was the part of it).
Beauty and tasty history began at Falcone in 2007. The restaurant opened its doors to those who appreciate the aesthetics and harmony of food.
Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China and India. Cuisines of five most attractive Eastern countries are gathered in one institution - in the pan-Asian restaurant "Shikari".It is very colorful and bright, but at the same time cozy place for your relaxation.
The View
People dream to reach for the skies, but not everyone knows that it's real. Restaurant The View, which is located at an altitude of 100 meters in the city center, gives that apportunity.
"Veranda" - it's the first restaurant with an open kitchen in Minsk. Here you can see with your own eyes, how will your dish be prepairing. Another feature of the restaurant - the prices on the main menu is really below the average for the city.
Real Belarusian hospitality, warm atmosphere and delicious food! All this and something else awaits you in the restaurant "Svoi".
Cafe de Paris
Cafe de Paris - it's the European cuisine with a rich and varied italian menu. The restaurant has special relaxing atmosphere. In the lounge area of the Cafe de Paris it is a wide selection of hookahs.
When you will cross the threshold of the restaurant LIDO, you'll find yourself in the atmosphere of home hospitality and fabulous interior. You will not be left without attention - friendly owners of the restaurant are always welcome and offer to taste home-cooked dishes of European and Belarusian cuisine.