Bar Sushi

Sushi House
The companн SUSHI HOUSE operates on the sushi delivery market for more than 6 years, and all these years main for them is the love and recognition of guests.
The biggest chain of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars in Russia
Sushi Planet
"Sushi Planet" - a network of Japanese restaurants, which combin the original recipes and traditions with modern design and the latest technology.
Delivery service and Japanese cafe of the new format, the first institution in the Republic of Belarus, working at a sushi conveyor system!
Kaiten Sushi
Sushi bars are very popular in Minsk. You could see Sushi menu in many restaurants around the city. Kaiten Sushi Bar offers decent service and is located right next to Dozari Club.
A professional look at Japanese cuisine
Classic rolls at a good price. Instead of traditional seaweed sheets, there are used mamenori. Takeaway meals can be picked up at a discount of 30%.
Food energy, combined in a compact form of sushi, rolls and other Japanese dishes, all of this is the main basis for a healthy diet. So they say in the "Manga".