Salute & Bellezza

White Lotus
The mission of our SPA is to help each client to switch from the daily routines, focusing on balancing physical and mental health with a help of classic Thai rituals and programs.
Planeta SPA
Visit the thermal complex "Planeta SPA", and with it, find the harmony and inner balance. Here you'll feel the strenght of beauty, health and relaxation for body and soul.
Territory of SPA
Would you like to escape from the hustle of a noisy city and find yourself in a haven, feel chocolate aroma and enjoy the stone-therapy? Then SPA territory is your destination.
Harmony with them makes us feel happy and content. And when in a string of affairs and important meetings are just a few hours for yourself, it is very important to hold them with the use of "dip" in the Eden SPA-center SPAkoy.
Beauty Residence Spa&Wellness center
The multifunctional Spa&Wellness Centre welcomes guests, offering the ultimate in relaxation, benefiting your health and beauty.
Princess Spa
Here we have created a special world where every SPA-treatment is a journey into an unforgettable fairy tale. The feeling of security and peacefulness will be along your stay in Princess Spa.
Health and beauty center "Victoria Olymp"
The Beauty and Wellness Center of the Victoria Olimp Hotel offers an extensive choice of physiotherapy and cosmetology services. The beauty parlour list includes services, such as men’s and women’s manicure and pedicure, hair styling, massage and cosmetology treatments.
Enjoy bountiful moments of relaxation at Renaissance Spa & Wellness Club! Aqua & Fitness zone, 2 Finnish Saunas, Beauty salon & Spa treatments. Renaissance Spa & Wellness Club - ideal balance of soul relax and body revitalizing.
Bon Joli
If you are modern person and seeking for success you need to be stylish and good-looking! We will be happy to help you to satisfy all your beauty and fashion desires! Our salon is the unique place where you can feel the taste of beauty for breakfast lunch and dinner… without any restrictions!
SPA-salon «Royal Thai Spa» - is a kind of haven of harmony, an island of tranquility, and the door to the world of relaxation, where every inhabitant metropolis can escape from the crazy rhythm of modern life, forget appointments, important matters, problems, worries and spend a few hours at a time yourself and your body.
Highly qualified staff and an atmosphere of openness, goodwill and sincere attention. High-quality and affordable products, reasonable prices. Beautiful and elegant interior.
«Namati» - it's a premium interior which harmoniously combines unique design, versatility, comfort rooms and offices, and professional artists with the high quality of service, and reasonable prices. «Namati» — салон красоты премиум-класса, гармонично сочетающий в себе уникальность дизайна, многофункциональность, уют зала и кабинетов и профессионализм мастеров с высоким качеством оказываемых услуг и доступными ценами.
The "living room" of beauty offers you a good service and home cosiness.
The main direction of K.Style beauty studio - hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, as well as beauty treatments.
Being beautiful is easy! You only need the desire and a little time, everything else will be done by a professional beauty salon VIP ROOM.
The unique design and a unique atmosphere - a paradise of your beauty!
The beauty salon INCANTO will give you proper care, but also mentally relaxation!
The salon specializes in procedures Elos (electro-energy), patented technique in the field of aesthetic medicine.
Beauty Center «Sensation» - this is a real world of luxury and beauty! The center is more like a club where the atmosphere of celebration of body and soul reigns.
Premium simulators (80), the impressive size of the training area (600 square meters) and a view of the mini-park with a river from the panoramic windows - the first thing that is evaluated by the visit of the "Aquamarine".
Wellness Club «KRISTL» combines all that is so necessary to modern man for the physical, emotional and spiritual development.
Moby Dick
I'll take everything and reach what I can. Herman Melville "Moby Dick or The White Whale"
Re'Forma Fitness
Re'Forma Fitness - a fusion of high sports achievements, skills and friendly team.
PrideFitnessHouse houses a fitness room, lounge and the biggest fitness room in Belarus - an area of 630 square meters.
Power empire
Gym with the proud name of "Empire forces" is visited by people, who care about health, body and spirit.
To feel youth, look stylish and five more reasons to become a client of the fitness center WeHouse!
The world of fitness
We would like to thank you for considering us with the aim to fulfill your fitness needs. We designed The World of fitness to be a place with no bounds, where imaginative workouts live and where results are found for everyone.
Goldie's Gym
Fitness club «Goldie's Gym» - a unique fitness space and the most effective and latest trends in the modern sports industry.
Stylish and convenient fitness space that meets modern requirements for productive workouts - the perfect place for self-improvement and transformation.
Terra Medica
The center "Terra Medica" has opened its doors in 2000. At the moment, the clinic doctors provide timely medical assistance to residents and guests of the capital.
Sedmoye nebo
To get rid of many diseases will help in the "Sedmoye nebo" medical center.
"Exana" - is a network of the health centers, which emphasizes an individual approach to each patient.
Biomedica Plus
Today we offer to the patients a wide range of quality medical services in the field of laboratory diagnostics and treatment, using traditional principles and new best practices.
Medical "Vita" Center is a combination of modern methods of examination and diagnosis, advanced technical equipment with impeccable service and friendly approach to each patient.
DIAMA Medical Centre
Do you want to become the best version of yourself? In DIAMA medical center we can help with the aesthetic side of the issue. The center specializes in dental services, hardware, injection and aesthetic cosmetology, contouring.
"Blagovest" - medical center with 10 years of history. Key areas of work - gynecology, ultrasound, dentistry and urology.
Grandmedica" - a medical center with a wide profile of services. Through the use of modern medical technology, individual approach to each patient and professional team of the specialists, the establishment has won the trust of its customers.
Plastic and aesthetic surgery.
The doctors of the medical center "Horizon" are the specialists of the first and highest qualification with extensive experience.
Profi Dent
The dental center "Profi-Dent" not only take care of your dental health, but also help to make your smile unique!
Fabrika ulybki
"Fabrika ulybki" - is a professional dental clinic, equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment.
Dental Fantasy
Professional consultations and clinical acceptance in highly skilled professionals, comfortable atmosphere and friendly attitude.
Thanks to modern equipment, the center doctors offer a series of procedures and manipulations of various levels of complexity.
The emphasis here is on the surgical dentistry. Physicians can make difficult implantations and prosthetics.
"Aladen" - is the clinic for the whole family, whose history goes back more than 15 years. The basic direction - dental surgery.
The center "Smilegrad" - is a harmonious combination of advanced technology, the latest equipment and an individual approach to each client.
Modern clinic of the European level with new equipment and a systematic approach to the treatment.
Dental center "Camellia" helps to solve the dental problems of different difficulty levels in a cozy atmosphere.
Beautiful smile - this is our visit card. Therefore, the care of it should be taken seriously. Professional "Triomed" dentistry helps to solve all your problems!