Studi dentistici

Profi Dent
The dental center "Profi-Dent" not only take care of your dental health, but also help to make your smile unique!
Fabrika ulybki
"Fabrika ulybki" - is a professional dental clinic, equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment.
Dental Fantasy
Professional consultations and clinical acceptance in highly skilled professionals, comfortable atmosphere and friendly attitude.
Thanks to modern equipment, the center doctors offer a series of procedures and manipulations of various levels of complexity.
The emphasis here is on the surgical dentistry. Physicians can make difficult implantations and prosthetics.
"Aladen" - is the clinic for the whole family, whose history goes back more than 15 years. The basic direction - dental surgery.
The center "Smilegrad" - is a harmonious combination of advanced technology, the latest equipment and an individual approach to each client.
Modern clinic of the European level with new equipment and a systematic approach to the treatment.
Dental center "Camellia" helps to solve the dental problems of different difficulty levels in a cozy atmosphere.
Beautiful smile - this is our visit card. Therefore, the care of it should be taken seriously. Professional "Triomed" dentistry helps to solve all your problems!