Numeri di telefono: +375 33 679-10-10,
+375 17 388-20-10
Indirizzo: Filimonova str., 20
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The fitness club offers different types of training:
· Strength and cardio: individual, a couple, family and children, corporate.
· Group and individual lessons in boxing and functional training with elements of CrossFit.
· Children's group lessons with an instructor for children aged 8 to 15 years.

Functional training - this is the current trend in fitness. Exercises allow to involve, if not all, almost all the muscles. The "Aquamarine" fitness club has a separate area for functional training, which contains simulators and accessories:

· Track for the development of power and speed skills
· Boxing bags
· Loop TRX
· Multi-function power frame with ladders and rungs
· Gymnastic rings and weights
· Hyperextensions
· CrossFit-bikes
· Dumbbells with polyurethane coating
· Tires TIYR
· Rowing machine CONCEPT2 and more.