Made in Belarus: Traditional Souvenirs

  • ​Jewellery ZIKO and Alte.

In ZIKO you can find earrings, pendants, rings of incredible beauty. Collections are constantly updated, so everyone will find something to their liking. But in Alte, you can find something unusual at all - silver jewelry with Belarusian national ornament. To buy jewelry ZIKO you can in any company store, TSUM and GUM, and Alte - in the shopping center "Nemiga-3", the shopping centers "Skala" and "Korona".

  • Killtoday Bags

Belarusian designer Milana Hasinevich creates amazing bags! Almost all Killtoday accessories have "ears" – a distinctive mark of the brand. The original backpack, tote bag or small bag - Killtoday knows how to attract attention to the accessories. You can order a nice gift on the site and in Killtoday Instagram account.

  • LSTR Clothing

Belarusian fashionistas pay attention to clothes from LSTR Adzienne. There you will find not the usual T-shirts with prints in the style of "Minsk, I love you!", but really original things with the Minsk theme. Collections are always limited: it will be difficult to face with a man in the same clothes. To buy LSTR clothes can be possible on the site or in the shops in the shopping centers "Moscovsko-Venskiy" and "Coolman".

  • Belarusian cosmetics

Girls will love the Belarusian cosmetics. Prices are very attractive, as well as quality. Relouis, Belor Design, Luxvisage, Belita-Viteks - are favorite brands of Belarusian girls. In Relouis you can buy good lipstick and nail polish, Belor Design is famous for the Smart Girl series of the cosmetics. In Luxvisage you’ll find an excellent mascara and lip gloss, and Belita-Viteks offers excellent lotions, shampoos, hair masks. To buy all of this you can in all major stores.

  • Minsker Accessories

If you like unique and original purses, want to present someone a beautiful money clip or a quality belt - Minsker accessories will help you. Here you can find a simple but stylish items made of leather. The brand - the embodiment of a strong love for Minsk. You can order a gift on the site of the brand.

  • Lingerie

Famous Milavitsa, SERGE, Verally, Mark Formelle - this is just a part of lingerie brands in Belatus. There you’ll find really nice clothes, which you can buy for yourself and as a gift. You will find our quality and beautiful lingerie in the brandshops and in the shopping centers.

  • Sweets

You will fall in love with the belarusian sweets! People say that our candies really natural - and on the composition, and taste. Tourists should look into the company store of the "Kommunarka", try the waffles and tubes "Vitba", cookies "Slodych" and marshmallows "Krasniy Pischevik." We recommend to try candies "Grillage in chocolate" and chocolate "Alenka".

  • Cranberry in sugar

This culinary delight is amazingly delicious. Traditional Belarusian souvenir, which combines the incredible tastes. There are not only Cranberries have in sugar, but also in a nut crumb. You can find a simple, but delicious gift almost at all stores with the food.

  • Alcohol

In ancient times Belarusians drank honey-brewed drinks. In the 15th century they learned to make garelka, a home-distilled vodka, and to brew beer. Large breweries started to open in the 19th century. Their traditions are continued by the distilleries of today. Belarusian vodka made to old recipes, liqueurs with herbs (for example, vanilla grass from the Belovezhskaya Pushcha), balsams with a rich composition of ingredients (herbs and buds of trees, berry fruits, spices, honey). Sbiten (herbqal liquor) will be a nice souvenir. And you can buy Krambambulya (strong liqueur with honey and spices). You can try our traditional alcohol in Belarusian restaurants.

  • "Luch" watches.

If you appreciate the time and enjoy the beautiful and high-quality watches, then you'll find there something unique. The factory produces watches for women and men. All of them are unique and ncredibly beautiful. Particular attention should be paid to a series  "Vytokі" - a watch with a national ornament. 

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