Coffee Houses

Sweets & Spices (Pryanosti & Sladosti)
Looking for a nice and cozy place for a touching conversation? The coffee shop "Spices & Sweets" is open to you - it's the place where you'll find a good coffee, sweet additions and atmosphere with a special charm.
Coffee - it's a drink with a rich history, which is aware successfully combined with the modern cooking trends. "26" - it's a place of coffee alchemy with a pleasant atmosphere.
CoffeMall - it's the atmosphere and the interior of the French Provence in the center of Minsk. It is always quiet music, comfort and privacy. Visitors notice reasonable prices, a lot of promotions and discounts, delicious menu.
Coffee Sound
Coffee house "Coffee Sound" - this is an atmospheric place with good music, professional barista, coffee card of 18 drinks, a variety of interesting pastries, among which the cookies from the Netherlands with chocolate chips.
Svoya Kofeynya
The coffehouse it's a cozy place for a small compasnies in the city center, where you can not only drink tea, coffee, but to chat. There are many opportunities for those, who want to have fun and to spend time.
Coffe & Cava
Cozy and warm coffe house with the hot drinks and tasty bakery products.
The coffee house is open for those, who enjoy a delicious coffee, good Chinese tea, fruit and berry smoothies, soft drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, homemade pastries and a friendly atmosphere.
Utopia 60
The coffee house "Utopiya 60" stands out in futuristic style of the 1960s. The era was recreated with the help of the era spirit.