The Minsk Height

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With its grand boulevards and big squares, Minsk is all about monumental excess, but its Old Town is tiny and not particularly old at all - most of the city had been rebuilt following the demolition in WWII. The best place to start exploring Minsk is at the Independence Square with its statue of Lenin and the Belarusian University building. Some of the best views over the city unfold from atop the futuristic structure of Belarus' National Library. 

But you can look at Minsk right now! Incredible photos of Dmitry Vazhnik tell about the city a lot of new and interesting things.

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The Home You Need To Love

Belarus is a small republic, and many people around the world don't even know that it exists. Moreover, even some Belarusians do not have a clear sense of national identity. What does it mean to be a Belarusian?

Made in Belarus: Traditional Souvenirs

When tourists plan a journey, then think about the souvenirs that could be bring back from the trip. We've done the work for you: have compiled a list of the best Belarusian gifts.

KILLTODAY: The Leather I Live In. Interview with the founder of the successful Belarusian brand of accessories

KILLTODAY is ahead of many of its competitors. It was the brand that began to produce too brave for our society sword belts, it also arranged the first in Belarus photosession with plus-size models.