Damelka Farmstead

Phones: +375 29 682-04-06,
+375 17 762-00-02
Address: Minsk region, village Boguta,
Tsentralnaya st., 13
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"Damelka" is located only 15 kilometers away from Minsk. Hilly terrain was even named "Belarusian Switzerland". The estate is located not in the cottage village, but in the forest. The only thing that can be the accompaniment to silence -  it's a bird singing. On the estate there is a forest, and a pond (where you can fish, swim, and in the winter - to ski and skate). 

Damelka Farmstead

Damelka FarmsteadOn the territory there are 2 guest houses and 2 gazebos. One of the houses is wooden and made in the rustic style, but with all the amenities, of course. Manor is the perfect venue for family reunions, birthday parties, corporate events.

Damelka Farmstead

Damelka Farmstead


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