Minsk Dolphinarium «Nemo»

Address: Minsk, Tashkentskaya srteet, 40
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Among our main tasks there are — spreading knowledge about the life and knowledge about marine inhabitants as well as promotion of environmental ideas, development of ecological culture among people. Dolphinarium activities are ecological-educational. During performances our visitors are informed about physiology and characters of dolphins, especially their behavior, and the need for respect for the dolphins and to all of nature. Children from orphanages, orphans, disabled children can collectively visit Minsk dolphinarium for free all year round.

Since childhood people desire to understand and to learn about our brothers by mind. This desire contributes to mutual spiritual and intellectual enrichment, as well as huge therapeutic effect for people who need help. In our cruel world, where the problem of survival of animals is becoming more acute, our project brought together people who love animals, appreciate their beauty and unique talents and who are trying their best to popularize the idea of nature conservation. Between our professionals and their pets there are not only friendly, but almost family relationships. In Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo» you can learn a lot about the sea lion, Pacific dolphins and northern fur seals from the mysterious fauna. Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo» is one of the most modern year-round cultural and recreational centers in Europe, which combines dolphinarium and the dolphin-assisted center.

At your service:

Daily shows (except Monday). In the dolphinarium «Nemo» you can make photos, swim with our pets. Also you have the opportunity to take dolphin-assisted therapy course. Sessions of dolphin-assisted therapy help to relax and to heal people who are exposed to chronic stress, as well as rehabilitation of children suffering from all sorts of disabilities. After visiting Minsk dolphinarium «Nemo», we guarantee that you will get unforgettable experiences and positive emotions. Dolphin-assisted therapy is recognized worldwide nonspecific method of amplification of the body's defense ability of people in different ages. Dolphin-assisted therapy is recommended for the people who suffers from various kinds of disorders as well as for those who are in practically healthy (pre-existing disease stage). Dolphin-assisted therapy is also a method of medical and psychological rehabilitation and correction of children with all kinds of developmental disorders. Animals feel very strong with whom they have to deal and treat sick children over carefully.

Nature gave to dolphins ability of disinterested friendship, because dolphin does not require anything from the man, and from year to year they are faithful and loyal friends. There are many different legends about dolphins, but always and everywhere — this is the first human friend and helper. Good, beautiful, intelligent and unselfish animal. After communication with dolphins people improve their mood, performance, disappear feelings of aggression, apathy, fatigue and stress. There is a need to point out few things about these amazing creatures. Dolphin — it is not a fish, but mammal from the category of cetaceans, which are very similar to human. The structure, and the internal organs of the dolphin are absolutely the same as we have. They give the birth to a baby-dolphin as well as people, feed babies with milk, as well as people, and they breathe too, like you and me, with their lungs – dolphins don’t have gills.

Dolphins are warm-blooded animals with a constant body temperature of about 36 degrees – the same as people. They sleep at the water surface, sometimes come out to make another breath. During the process of sleeping only one hemisphere of dolphin sleeps alternately, the other at this time awake. After one hemisphere rest, it wakes up and another hemisphere goes to sleep, and so on during the entire time that is needed for the dolphin to rest. Both hemispheres sleep alternately, changing roles several times during sleep. You probably know that life started from the water, so many years ago, the ancestors of dolphins could walk, and only later due to unknown reasons, they returned back to the water. What pushed them to do so, we can only guess. Whether the change of climate, or conditions of obtaining food, but overall the fact remains that dolphins came back into the water, adapted there perfectly and never came out of it again. Nature was very generously to dolphins. They have a striking feature - the ability to give pleasure to people. And exactly this joy you can get from our charming and unrivaled Pacific Dolphins: Hercules, Vita, Mika, Hugo, seals Elochka and Alex, patogon lion Nicholas.

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