Uladzimir Karatkevich Museum in Orsha

Address: Orsha, Lenina str., 26
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 A talented writer, playwright and scenarist, publicist and translator, a representative of the old noble family and a passionate history lover, Uladzimir Karatkevich is unique in the Belarusian literature. His books are among the most beloved and widely read by many generations. His first published work was a poem that appeared in 1951, that was later followed by three collections of verse. Later, he turned to prose, and had since published a large number of short stories, in collections entitled Chazenia, The Eye of the Typhoon, From Past Ages, and others. He also wrote the novels Unforgettable and The Black Castle Olshansky. Probably Karatkevich's most popular work is the novel King Stakh's Wild Hunt. Uladzimir Karatkevich's literary works are marked by romanticism, rich imagery, and emotionalism. A recipient of several national literary awards, he has strongly affected the further development of historical themes in Belarusian literature.

The biographical museum in his hometown of Orsha was opened in 2000 in a building which has a symbolic meaning. It is an architectural specimen of the 19th-20th centuries. Starting from 1925 it was used as a maternity hospital where the writer was born on 26 November 1930. Today the museum runs a number of thematic exhibitions: A Portrait of the Writer and the Man displaying a part of the study from the author’s apartment in Minsk, a hall of the literary heritage comprising a research center and a library, and an art gallery. The collection comprises a great number of items: personal belongings and manuscripts and his original drawings. Here the visitors can watch the famous movies made on the basis of Vladimir Korotkevich’s novels and scenarios, listen to the records with his voice and also the songs with his poems as the lyrics.

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