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Address: Minsk
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Date: 15/07/2024 - 05/01/2017

“The caravanning movement is gaining popularity in Europe. It requires little investment in this tourism sector and means huge benefits for the country,” Deputy Director of the Tourism Department of the Sports and Tourism Ministry Vitaly Gritsevich said. Participation in the motor run has been confirmed by 550 motorhomes: about 1,200 caravaneers from 16 countries. The biggest interest in the event has been spotted from motoring tourists from Germany, Finland, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, and Estonia.

The event is organized both for the participants and the residents and guests of the city. Therefore, a decision was taken to hold the festival in the capital. The site near Minsk Airport 1 has necessary infrastructure. The festival will officially kick off on 29 April and will be open for Minsk residents and guests on 30 April. Caravaneers will be treated to an extensive entertaining program that will include the performance of Belarusian artists and a zone of tourist facilities. The zone will feature dishes of the Belarusian national cuisine, phytoteas, hay weaving, pottery, and blacksmithing master classes.

The event will also feature an exhibition show of paratroopers, amusement rides for children, lasertag, darts, a crossbow shooting gallery, an exposition of four-wheelers and vintage cars, horse rides and a helicopter deck. Vitaly Gritsevich emphasized a strong interest from foreign caravaneers. In 2014 the event was visited by representatives of three countries. Caravaneers from five countries took part in the event in 2015. The 2016 international caravan and camping festival on the shore of Lake Selyava in Krupki District, Minsk Oblast brought together more than 180 motorhomes: 505 caravaneers from 12 countries.

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