Belarus FAQ

How can I get to Belarus?

Belarus is a European country, situated between North and South, East and West, what means it lies at the crossroads of main communication lines. It’s easy to get to Belarus by air, road or railway.

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What documents do I need to travel to Belarus?

Belarusian visa is commonly required to travel to the country. However visa-free regime is maintained with some countries. When planning your trip to Belarus, pay special attention to the information on Belarusian Visa regulations.

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What should I know when crossing the Belarusian border?

Belarus, as any other country, has its specific customs regulations for travelers, concerning goods and money movement. Sure, some restrictions and bans also exist. Learn about cross-border formalities to avoid trouble when getting to or out of Belarus.

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Where can I stay in Belarus?

Accommodation services range is diversified in Belarus. Whatever your taste and budget, in Belarus it’s easy to find solutions, which will suit you. Check out the different accommodation options in Belarus - choose from a number of hotels, apartments, holiday houses, and hostels.

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What is the best time to visit Belarus?

The weather conditions in Belarus are quite comfortable for travelling. However every season has its characteristic weather traits, and it’ll be good to be aware of them and at least pack your bag with the right clothes. Check out our information on weather in Belarus and be prepared.

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What time zone is Belarus in?

Time zone for Belarus is the Eastern European Standard (EET), which is UTC +3 hours. The country no longer operates daylight saving change in summer.

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Are there any opportunities for disabled people to travel to and around Belarus?

When visiting Belarus disabled people may face with certain problems. However the infrastructure for such people is constantly improving, and now the country has quite a lot of travelling opportunities to offer to people with mobility problems.

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Is it safe to travel to and around Belarus?

On the whole it’s safe to travel in Belarus. However the country is not totally crime-free, and it’s better to take standard safety measures while travelling in Belarus in order not to get into the hot water.

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How can I get around the country?

Public transport infrastructure is quite developed in Belarus. In major cities buses, trolleybuses, trams can get you to any place, while travelling around is possible using buses, private shuttles or Belarusian Railway trains. Taxis are also available in cities and towns, as well as the service of car hiring. Learn more about Belarusian transportation system and driving in Belarus so you can easily get around while travelling here.

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Where can I have a meal?

Belarusian cuisine is quite specific, but it’s definitely worth tasting. Nevertheless if you are fond of some other national cuisine, you’re welcome to visit Belarusian restaurants and enjoy your favorite food.

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Where do I get Internet access?

Prevailing number of Belarusian hotels, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, libraries, bus and railway stations in major cities are equipped to provide Wi-Fi to their visitors. You can also browse the Web in Internet cafes. Belarusian communications network also makes it possible to use telephone and postal service.

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Is there anything specific in connecting to a power supply?

220V (50Hz) is the Belarusian standard. If you’re travelling to Belarus with devices that do not accept 220 Volts at 50 Hertz, you will need a converter. In Belarus two-pin symmetrical plugs are used, as well as in Western Europe. If you are travelling from the UK or the USA it is advisable to take an adapter.

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Are there any smoking restrictions in Belarus?

Smoking in public in Belarus is only allowed in places specially fitted for that. For example Belarusian cafes and restaurants have both smoking and non-smoking dining rooms. Pay attention to that violations of the law are fined. In September 2013 Belarusian government has drawn up a draft law that would ban smoking in all public places, so the situation on smoking may change soon.

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Is tax-free shopping available for international visitors?

At the end of 2012 Belarus has introduced changes to its tax system in order to give VAT refunds to foreign visitors. These alternations can help you get a good value for money, making Belarus a desired shopping destination. Learn more about money in Belarus, local currency, exchange rates, and much more.

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Handling Emergencies

Find out what to do in police, fire, and medical emergencies while you are visiting Belarus.

Travel Safety

Belarus is a very safe place for travellers. Belarusian people are considered tolerant as far as racial, ethnic and religious differences are concerned, and there's a very low crime rate in the country.

Weather Conditions

The climatic conditions of Belarus range from continental to maritime. The proximity to the Baltic Sea affects the Belarus weather considerably.