Communications in Belarus

Telephone communications.

Telephone service covers the entire territory of the country and makes possible the inside and the outside communication. The international telephone code for Belarus is +375. It will allow you to call Belarus from another country. To make an international call from Belarus, dial 8-10 first, and then the code of the country you are calling to and then telephone number.

Mobile access is also available in all regions of the country, with communication quality better or worse depending on the location. If you plan to make a lot of local calls when staying in Belarus, it may be worth buying a SIM card for one of the local providers: Life:), MTS or Velcom. You’re welcome to connect to mobile service in the companies’ service centres. They are easy to find in all Belarusian cities and towns.

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Postal service.

Belpochta is the national postal service of Belarus. It claims to be quick, reliable and available. And actually it is. It’s possible to send letters, postcards and parcels inside the country and internationally, to carry out money orders and also use International Express Mail Service with Belpochta. The company’s offices network covers the whole country, and apart from the above mentioned matters you can also make money payments and buy fresh periodicals there.

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The state telecom, Beltelecom, and a number of other companies provide Internet access in Belarus. A third of Belarusians use Internet, mostly the urban population, though the Internet access and its popularity in rural areas is expanding. It means that in cities and towns you’re not likely to face any problems connecting to World Wide Web, while the situation may be worse in smaller settlements.

All in all there are 884 Wi-Fi hot-spots in Belarus. Prevailing number of hotels, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, libraries, bus and railway stations in major cities are equipped to provide Wi-Fi to their visitors, though in most cases you’ll have to pay for it. You can also browse the Web in Internet cafes. Their popularity is dropping in big cities, but in small ones they are still popular and not difficult to find.

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