Travel Safety

Belarus is a very safe place for tourists. There are no special warnings for foreign visitors, as Belarusian people are considered tolerant as far as racial, ethnic and religious differences are concerned. The situation is a bit different with the attitude to homosexuality, especially among the older generation. It’s better not to show affection in public, and you’ll never become object of aggression.

When shopping, take a cash receipt or a bill of sale and make sure they correspond to what you have been asked to pay.

Despite low crime rate, Belarus is not totally crime-free, and you’d better take standard safety measures. Please keep your valuables in a hotel or at least away from view, especially in shops, transport and at markets not to become victim of pickpockets. If that has already occurred to you, call the police. Emergency number for the police is 102.

Walking in the streets in Belarus is safe. Nevertheless during the late evening and night be doubly careful and better take a taxi if there’s a necessity to reach to any place.

Картинки по запросу минск люди на улицах

When driving, observe the rules. For pedestrians: don’t cross the road unless the light is green. On zebra crosswalks be especially attentive and before starting to cross the road make sure there is no traffic. During night-time reflectors are highly recommended for pedestrians to use.

Women in Belarus have the same fullness of rights as men. But, as in any other country, women are recommended not to walk alone at night, as well as not to use transport at this time of the day.

Perhaps, that’s all about safety tips. If you’ll try to observe these simple rules, the chances to get in a complex situation will sank to almost zero.

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