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Park of 60th anniversary of October

Park of 60th anniversary of October is located in Minsk. Despite the revolutionary name, it is a very nice park. The untouched nature and beautiful landscapes, quiet and comfort, fresh air and beautiful alleys. It has everything you need not only to enjoy your holiday alone, but also for walks with children.

Location: Minsk, Olshevskogo str.

Trinity church

Trinity Church is also called white. Such it was once. Today, the temple is in a dilapidated condition, but still has a great importance for the history of Belarus, as it is a unique monument of early Baroque architecture. The stone church was built in the last years of the XVI century, at the Basilian monastery. According to one version, the monastery came here because of the Chancellor Leo Sapieha and his parents were buried in Trinity Church. In 1834 the church was closed. Today the church there are walls only. 

Location: Village of White Church, Chashnichsky district.

Victory Park

Victory Park is the largest park in Minsk. Today, it is virtually inseparable from the Komsomolsk lake, which is housed in its territory. The park was due to open on June 22, 1941, but on that same day Nazi Germany attacked the USSR. After the war, the dam was rebuilt, which held the Komsomol Lake, as well beautiful park was laid out. They did not have to think long about the name of the park - it was given the name of long-awaited victory.

Location: Minsk, Pobeditelei ave.

Calvary cemetery

The only Catholic Church serving in the Soviet times was the church on the old Calvary cemetery. Certainly, the church couldn’t seat all believers; on holidays, crowds of Catholics gathered on the main avenue of the cemetery, leading to the church. Meanwhile the temple on this place appeared in 17th century. Then it was made of wood and was called « Exaltation of the Cross ». The matter is that Catholics of Belarus, Poland and Latgalija (the part of the old Latvia) had a custom to erect The Calvary churches on picturesque places, (The Calvary – from the Latin “calva” – a skull, in Greek, a place, where the Christ was crucified.).

Location: Minsk, Pushkinskaya metro station.

Dudutki Windmill 

Windmill was constructed in 1903-05 by brothers Polyakov. It is a sample of towel windmills. Its height is 14 m and there are five floors inside. The mill functioned till the 70s of the 20th c. and then it was abandoned and started to decay, but it was brought to the museum of Dudutki and restored. On the right of the windmill there is a miller's house for guests where countrymen who came to the miller but did not manage to grind their grain could have dinner and stay at night.

Location: The Village of Ptich, Pukhovit

Park "Starostinskaya Sloboda"

Park called "Starostinskaya Sloboda" is located almost in the center of Minsk, on the banks of the river Svisloch, near the hotels "Yubileinaya" and "Belarus". This is a small park with beautiful flower beds, paved paths and cozy benches, as if specially designed for couples. The key subject of the square is a monument to Pushkin, who had appeared almost in the heart of this small park in 1999..

Location: Minsk, Nemiga metro station.




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