Top 10 Reasons to Visit Belarus

There are some countries every keen traveller dreams to visit. Another ones are not desired by the tourists to be included in their itineraries. Still there exists one more type of places. They are usually overlooked and not given much thought to, though not always rightfully. For many Belarus is quite an example. So let’s beat preconceptions together and see why Belarus really deserves to become your next must-see place!

1. Where is Guest, There is God.

This Belarusian proverb reflects one of the most vivid traits of people’s character. From the earliest times Belarusians have treated their guests in a most considerate and caring manner. Best dishes and sleeping accommodation were always offered to guests. Time is getting on, but this tradition remains unchanged. Friendliness, hospitability, helpfulness are what Belarusians can be deservedly proud of. And if you are visiting the country, that may serve of front-rank importance.


2. Food for Good Mood.

Belarusian cuisine is considered to be over-potatoed. This ingredient is actually very popular and makes up the lion’s share of national dishes, which by the way are worthy of tasting them. However Belarus is not the only country where potato is so loved a vegetable, thus China and India are the world’s leaders in potato cultivating. Moreover if you are fond of some other national cuisine, you’re welcome to visit Belarusian restaurants and  enjoy your favorite food.


3. Authentic Traditions.

Belarus is a country where folk culture and ancient traditions are still remembered. Centuries ago paganism, cult of ancestors and nature were widely spread among the population of what is Belarus now. Though Belarus is mostly a Christian country now, some pagan festivals and rituals are still alive. Come to Belarus and touch the magic of Kupalle and Maslenitsa celebration!


4. Ancient Architectural Forms.

Throughout its history Belarus perceived various architectural styles, proceeding from different countries and territories. Some of them stayed unmodified, some were reshaped and got a unique Belarusian tonality. You still have a chance to plunge into history by visiting Belarusian architectural attractions. By the way, two of them, the Mir Castle Complex and the Nesvizh Castle are recognized as  World Heritage Sites.


5. World War II Heritage.

Great Patriotic War (the term refers to World War II in Belarus, Russia and some other former republics of the Soviet Union) is one of the most dreadful and dark pages of Belarusian history. After the war Belarus was practically leveled to the ground, every fourth inhabitant of the country was dead. Nowadays hundreds of memorials remind to those alive about the heroism of their ancestors. The Brest Fortress and the Khatyn Memorial Complex are among the most prominent ones.


6. Land of Shining Talents.

Belarus has become motherland to famous artists, musicians, political figures, educators , writers and poets. If you still don’t know the names of Efrasinnia of Polatsk, Francysk Skaryna, Leu Sapeha, Mihal Kleafas Ahinski, Napaleon Orda, Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Marc Chagall, Vasil’ Bykaw, visit Belarusian museums, galleries and libraries and find more about this eminent people.


7. Naturality of Nature.

Forests cover about 36 % of the country’s territory, the number of lakes is more than 11 thousand,  the rivers are even more – more than 20 thousand. Impressed? Then come and enjoy the “naturality” of Belarusian landscapes, which have their specific charm and, of course, special adventures for every season.


8. Would You Like a Ticket?

Are you movie enthusiast, or do you like theatre, or maybe circus is your cup of tea? Then buy a ticket to your liking and enjoy! If you are coming to the country in November you can get a chance to visit Minsk International Film Festival Listapad. Ballet and opera addicts can have luck all year round coming to see one of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre performances. Circus shows are another Belarusian must-see.


9. Let It Snow!

In Belarus it really does in winter. If you don’t mind hard frosts, you are welcome to try Belarusian “snowy” adventures: sledding, skiing, skating and snowboarding. Infrastructure included.


10. Best Value for Money.

Apart from giving you plenty of pleasure, unforgettable impressions, new experience your trip to Belarus can become the best value for money. Starting from transport (which is really cheaper than in most European countries) and finishing with authentic Belarusian souvenirs (manufactures made from flax or crystal) which are a real pickup.

Tastes differ. But no matter how different they are, they are all welcomed in Belarus. Choose what you like and enjoy your vacation in Belarus!


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Charlotte (14.02.2017 12:44):

I didn't know much about Belarus before my first visit, and I was pleasantly surprised. Belarus is an amazing country, with interesting history, nice and friendly people, well-developed infrastructure. I've been to Belarus twice now, and I think I will come here again. I have beautiful memories of my trips there.