Opportunities for Disabled Visitors

When visiting Belarus disabled people may face with certain problems. The situation is especially acute in small towns and rural regions.

However the infrastructure for people with mobility problems is constantly improving. Some Belarusian museums, cinemas, theatres, cafes and restaurants, as well as hotels can offer special lifts and ramps to disabled people. As far as hotels are concerned, it´s better to find out beforehand, if the hotel you´re going to stay at, can meet the necessities of the disabled.

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There will no problems when visiting The National Library, The Circus and The National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Newly built metro stations in Minsk are also equipped with all necessary facilities. People on wheelchairs have a possibility to reach a number of Belarusian cities and towns using Regional Lines trains. It’s possible for disabled people to travel to Belarus by air as the National Airport Minsk can provide the facilities to get on/off the plane and to move inside the airport building. What´s more special taxi for those on wheelchair can be used to get to any place in big cities and towns.

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Disabled people can also ask special travel agencies for assistance. Specialized travel agencies can help people with mobility problems to plan a trip. Also some Sanatoriums (“Pridneprovsky”, “Lesnie ozera”, “Unost”, “Priozerni”) are ready to offer their health services to disabled travelers.

There are still many problems to solve in providing assistance for disabled people in Belarus, but it´s essential that the country is making progress in that.

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