Gomel Region

Address: Gomel, Belarus
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Gomel. The second-largest city in Belarus, the administrative, economic, educational and cultural center of Gomel region, it may become another entertaining point of your itinerary. The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence is the main place of historical importance in the city. This 17th century noble estate decorated by the park and located on the picturesque bank of the Sozh River, will take time to explore its elements, each a feast for the tourist’s eye.

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Turov. The ancient capital of the Dregovichs tribe, one of the three Eastern Slavic tribes that are considered ancestors of modern Belarusian nation, and also the capital of the medieval Principality of Turov and Pinsk, now this 3-thousand Belarusian town still comprises touristic must-see. This settlement gives an opportunity to touch the centuries-long history of the Slavs and find out why Cyril of Turov is an iconic figure for the Belarusian culture.

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Mozyr. This city, situated on the high bank of the Pripyat River, dating from at least the 12th century, continues the Slavic history itinerary. Initially a small settlement, the city went on growing and became a major administrative and trade centre in the 18th century. Visit Zamkovaya Hill, Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and 17th century St. Michael Orthodox Church to find out more about one of the oldest cities of historical Ruthenia.

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Bobruisk (Babruisk): Unravel The Secret Of Wealth And Success.

Bobruisk is one of the most famous cities in Belarus. Firstly, because of the monument to the beaver, secondly, because of the tires production, and thirdly, there are the most delicious marshmallow.

Navahrudak: The Land Of Kings

In the 14th century it was an episcopal see of the Metropolitanate of Lithuania. It is a possible first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was first mentioned in the Sophian First Chronicle and Fourth Novgorod Chronicle in 1044 in relation to a war of Yaroslav I the Wise against Lithuanian tribes. During the 16th century, Maciej Stryjkowski was the first who, in his chronicle, proposed theory, that Navahrudak became the capital of the 13th century state.

World Famous Magnificent Nesvizh Palace

Nesvizh Palace is considered the country’s most beautiful and renowned palace. Its richly diverse architecture and attractive gardens were designated the national historical and cultural reserve, and in 2006 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.