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Address: Grodno, Belarus
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Grodno. The modern city of Grodno originated as a small fortress and a fortified trading outpost on the picturesque hilly banks of the Neman River. Grodno shows up in the list of Belarusian cities and towns for it managed to preserve most of its historical-cultural heritage, which was adopted from various epochs and styles. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Modernism, Constructivism make the architectural panorama of the city an exquisite piece of art. The Old and the New Castle, the Kalozha Church of Sts. Boris and Gleb, the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier are incredible to watch.

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Novogrudok. Novogrudok, a major settlement in the remote western lands of the Krivichs and then the 1st capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, now works perfect for holidaymakers. It possesses an unbelievably rich area of sightseeing attractions, the leading role in which plays the remarkable architectural ensemble of Novogrudok Castle. Hand in hand with this Grand Duchy of Lithuania stronghold come SS. Boris and Gleb Church; The Roman Catholic Transfiguration Church, where a Polish-Belarusian poet, dramatist, essayist, publicist, translator, professor of Slavic literature, and political activist, Adam Mickiewicz was baptized; St. Nicolas Cathedral and St. Michael church; a 19th century wooden mosque and Adam Mickiewicz Museum.

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Mir. The real cultural and historical pearl of this urban Belarusian settlement is, beyond all doubt, is Mir Castle Complex. Its location in a picturesque valley on a bank of a beautiful lake makes it a magnificent viewpoint. Combining elements of different architectural styles, the castle tends to be object with a well-developed infrastructure and should become an obligatory part of your Belarusian trip plans.

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Krevo. This 13th century township in the north-west of Belarus in due time played a significant role for the history of country. This is exactly the place where in 1385, the Act of Krevo was signed, which became a decisive moment in the histories of Poland and Lithuania as it marked a beginning of the four centuries of shared history between the two nations. The ruins of the castle where this meaningful event took place were severely damaged during the World War I, but remain extant, to the present day.

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Holszany. This Belarusian settlement is known to be seat of the Holszanski princely family in the past, and at present time it still continues to be location of Holszany Castle ruins. This residence of the Sapieha magnate family was erected in the 17th century to replace the older castle, built by the Holszanski princely family, of whom Sapiehas were descendants of. The country estate formerly rivaled Mir Castle as the most elegant private château of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but now it’s not in its best conditions.

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