Unknown Treasures Of Belarusian Architecture

  • The church of St. Joseph

    The church of St. Joseph - a relatively new architectural monument (he was 100 years old). The building constructed by unknown architects and decorated by unknown artists. But the neo-Gothic church surprises with its beauty.
    Address: Minsk region, Volozhin District, village Rubiazhevichy.

  • Umyastovskiye Farmstead

    House in Zhemyslavl — is a small copy of the Lazenkovski Palace, located in Warsaw. Their similarity is not only external but also internal - it is possible to notice on the decoration. Unfortunately, the only reminiscents of past greatness are frames in the corridors, mosaics on the floor and the ceiling molding.
    Address: Grodno region, Ivie district, village Zhemyslavl.

  • The palace and park ensemble of Valovichi

    Svyatskiy Palace - this is a rare tourist attraction. There are only two palaces of the type in the world. One of them is Svyatskiy, and the second - in the French Versailles. Both buildings designed by the Italian architect Giuseppe Sacco in the 18th century. The palace is surrounded by canals and ponds, and decorated with a park complex.
    Address: Grodno oblast, village Svyatsk.

  • The church of St. John the Baptist

    The temple of the defence type was built in 1603-1606 years. This is a unique attraction. During the 400-year existence of the building, it had not been closed. You can see the oldest organ in Belarus and canvas "Christ and the orphan" in the church of John the Baptist. The church located on a high hill in the center of town.
    Address: Vitebsk region, Postavy district, village Kamai.

  • Memorial estate of Adam Mickiewicz

    The famous poet Adam Mickiewicz was born in this village. His manor is completely restored and it's the memorial to the poet. Here you can see an example of the Belarusian peasant architecture: the manor was reconstructed in the 1990s, the house located in the central part of the complex, next to him - a shed and a barn. You can also see and shadoof, cellar and sauna near a small pond.
    Address: Brest region, Baranovichi district, village Zaosie.

  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

    This is the second highest church in Belarus and one of the most beautiful temples of our country. It was built in neo-gothic style. Construction of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Church was started in 1909 at the expense of the parishioners and donations. The building was completed in 1914, before the outbreak of the First World War. During the war, the building was almost destroyed, then rebuilt. Today the church strikes with the unusual beauty of the stained glass, delicate sash windows, gabled towers and portals.
    Address: Vitebsk region, Braslav district, village Vidzy.

  • Bulgak manor "Dobosna"

    This manor and a park called "Zhilichskiy Versaille". The first owner of the estate - the landowner E. Bulhak. At the beginning of the XIX century, it has been built an impressive palace complex with a park with sculptures, pools and bridges in this area. The most beautiful building is the palace with the picturesque alleys and amazing decor.
    Address: Mogilev region, Kirovsky district, village Zhilichi.

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