Victory Park

Address: Minsk, Komsomolskoye ozero
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Victory Park is the largest park in Minsk. Today, it is virtually inseparable from the Komsomolsk lake, which is housed in its territory. The park was due to open on June 22, 1941, but on that same day Nazi Germany attacked the USSR. After the war, the dam was rebuilt, which held the Komsomol Lake, as well beautiful park was laid out. They did not have to think long about the name of the park - it was given the name of long-awaited victory.

To the fortieth anniversary of the Victory in WWII in 1985 at the entrance of the park the obelisk "Minsk - Hero City" was installed. Large-scale reconstruction of the park's victory began only in 2005 and in 2011, Victory Park was completely renovated. Victory Park area increased up to 200 hectares, 40 of which are for Komsomol Lake. Around the lake was built "health-track" and equipped beach for a rest. Today, there are also and footpaths, playgrounds and a site, used for concerts and shows. During the reconstruction three fountains been installed - "Eternity", "Victory", "Sail".

Victory Park Minsk

Among the places in Victory Park, which is certainly worth a visit, is the Birds Island. Cross a little bridge to get to the island - a wildlife reserve - that is home to a variety of birds, including some rare species. Currently, the park remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Minsk.

Victory Park Minsk

Victory Park Minsk

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