Car rental in Minsk - maximum comfort, minimum hassle.
Are you looking for car rental? On our site you can choose a company that offers services of car rental without a driver or find an option to hire a car with driver.
The main activities of AVIS Belarus are: rent a Car, car leasing, fleet management.
Car rental in Minsk "Avtoperec" is pleased to offer you a wide range of economy-class, the middle class, business class and SUVs, minivans, convertibles and vintage cars.
Mir Avto
Our customers receive onlt clean, insured cars of different brands, body styles, and intended for a different purse.
Taxi Almaz - an excellent, well-organized team of professional drivers, on which you can rely on at any moment. They will drop you off right on time to the right place, with them you can not be afraid for your own safety.
Taxi 152 - an inexpensive taxi with the professional drivers. Reasonable prices and discipline allow us to hold the leading position in the taxi transport in Minsk.
Across borders, cultures, and languages, we’re proud to connect people who need a reliable ride with people looking to earn money driving their car.
Komandir Taxi
The most economical taxis of the capital.
Taxi service is available round the clock, waiting for your call day and night! The friendly and attentive managers at any moment ready to take your order.
Transfet to the Airport
We make our clients' travel safely and comfortably. Our company provides services for the carriage of passengers at the airport Minsk-2.
Transfer to the airport
The friendly and punctual driver. We work 24 hours a day and offer you always clean and tidy cars.
Airport transfer
An inexpensive shuttle service to Minsk-2 Airport at a fixed cost to anywhere in the city!
Airport transfer
To order a transfer service (Airport-Minsk) in the national airport "Minsk" you can in the tourist pavilions of the airport.
Official taxi of the National airport "Minsk" from bus station "Central" (next to the railway station) to the airport "Minsk" and and back.
Unfamiliar places, new people, fresh impressions ... Do you need to go away for a long time for all of these?
City Bus
Travel company "City Bus" gives tourists the opportunity to visit the most interesting and memorable places of Belarus, to plunge into the wonderful world of wildlife of the country.
Customers of the tourist company "Dortur" can take advantage of the unique offer and go on an unforgettable journey on a comfortable train.
Dolina Turov
"Dolina turov" has become a reliable guide in the world of the memorable travel. It combines a lot of opportunities for tourists, quality support, a wide range of services and the best prices on the Belarusian market, the company organizes the perfect holiday, which will suit to every taste.
"Nikatur" specializes in bus and air tours, cruises and other forms of recreation.
Our sightseeing tours are on the two main routes. This is the best and fastest way to get acquainted with the capital of Belarus.
PrimeVeda is the leader in providing translation and interpreting services to the wide array of clientelle that include corporations, law firms, universities, media and marketing firms, state and local government agencies. center of translations is one of the leading companies in this sphere in Minsk. We are engaged in translation services of any kinds for private and corporateclients.
Minsk Department of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Translation/ Interpretation Department renders the full range of translation/interpretation services.
When you place an order with the Minsk Translation Centre, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality translation and interpretation services. Our translation agency operates service quality management and work flow management systems. The quality management system meets international standards used in the translation industry.
translators guild
Professional Translators and Interpreters’ Guild is one of the leading companies successfully operating in the translation and interpreting services market in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.