Toll Roads In Belarus

Main areas of toll roads in Belarus are the road M1/ E30 (Brest - Minsk - Russian border), part of the road M4  (Minsk - Mogilev), road M5 (Minsk - Gomel), the road from Minsk to the airport. A full card with toll roads can be obtained at the border, at the checkpoints for cars. You can identify the toll road by the information boards.

Who should pay?
1. Drivers of cars and vans (up to 3.5 tonnes) which are registered outside the Customs Union (citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan shouldn't pay). Drivers have to pay € 0.04 per km.
2. Drivers of the motor homes, trucks and heavy buses (over 3.5 tonnes).

How to pay for the road:
1. To conclude the contract in the point of service "Beltoll" in Belarus. Now there are 44 points. You need the following documents: passport, vehicle registration document, certificate. which confirms the ecological car class. Or you can register through the site.
2. Take the on-board device. To do this, you need to leave a deposit (€ 20, payment in rubles). The onboard unit should be installed on the windshield. Before you leave the country, you need to pass the device and get your deposit back.
3. Fill up balance.
4. Place the device on the windshield.

How to Replenish Balance?
To check the balance and recharge your account you can only in the service (only in rubles and by cards). Another option of the payment - fuel card (Belorusneft, Berlio, E100, Eurowag, euroShell, DKV Euro Service).

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