Popular Things to Do

Whatever the season it is, whatever the time, be you on your own, at your family’s side or with a party of friends, Belarus has a never-ending wealth of options to do and see. Have a look at our guide of popular things to do and make up your mind on what suits you most of this bizarre selection of pastime ideas.

Feel inspired by the nature.

Be it winter or summer, autumn or spring, the menu of things to do in the open country is spectacular. When it’s snowy, head to ski centres, concentrated in plenty around Minsk, and enjoy winter sports there. Summer is the best time to take to aquatics and find out why Belarus is called “blue-eyed land”. Explore Belarusian lakes and rivers when fishing, running in a boat or swimming and sunbathing on the banks. In autumn it’s a special charm to make a cycle-travel and look around the countryside. The best thing to do in early spring is to have fun celebrating Maslenitsa outdoors. Later, when it’s getting warmer consider making a stroll to a city park or go out of city and feel how the nature’s waking up.

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Refine Yourself.

Travelling is a perfect chance to learn more and broaden your horizons. A visit to Belarusian museums is sure to prove a big hit. Railway Museum, Museum of Old Crafts and technologies, Teratological Museum, Pharmacy-Museum, Children’s Museum of Myths and Forests displays are incredible to watch. If you are an art lover do justice to Belarusian art galleries’ vast collections. Other historic and cultural sites will also let you learn more about the country.

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Touch the religion.

Belarusians are considered to view religious differences in a tolerant way, for the land has seen various confessions to be professed in course of time and never did it provoke a conflict. It doesn’t matter what religion you’re an advocate of, or you can also be a free-thinker, much of pleasure you’ll get exploring Belarusian churches, each of great historical, cultural and architectural value. Some remaining from older times, some of the modern epoch, they are unlikely to remain undiscovered by you.

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Have fun with family.

If you prefer to enjoy your vacation time in the bosom of your family, be sure in Belarus the best will be made to please each of you. Be them outdoors, cultural, educational, sightseeing or natural activities you’ll decide to engage in, it will be a fun time. For the most choiceful we are always armed with special offers.

Plunge into history.

Throughout its history, Belarus has been part of various states and cultures: was included into Kievan Rus, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian Empire, during World War II was occupied by the Nazis and then returned in the custody of the Soviet Union and at last got it sovereignty as the Republic of Belarus; has been many times devastated by wars and then again restored and rebuilt. All these scenes left their marks on the land’s aspect and can be witnessed by silent bystanders of history: castles, manors, palaces and towers.

Shop at a profit.

Shopping is the best therapy. And that comes true if you are shopping in Belarus. Prices here are comparatively low, and there are plenty of authentic things to be bought as souvenirs (look for linen, cut-glass ware, all kind of sweet staff, hand-made items in Belarusian shops). This will help you to take the run for your money and at the same time do shopping which will not become too great a strain on your purse.

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Гид по антропогенным ландшафтам

Команда Meridian'28 ездила по Беларуси в в поисках заброшенных архитектурных ценностей, фортификаций и природных объектов. Они точно знают, куда нужно ехать не только за пейзажами, но и за впечатлениями.

Lida. Visiting a Fairytale

The name Lida is derived from the name of the river Lidzeya. Its origin is associated with the Lithuanian appellative Lyda - Lydimas, meaning to fuse, to cast (denoting forest clearing). As Lida is quite a small town, there are only 2 hotels in it. It may be better to stay in a hotel in Grodno and visit the town and castle from there.

Il canale di Augusto

Il canale di Augusto è una eccezionale struttura idraulica del XIX secolo ed è uno dei più grandi canali d’Europa, tanto che e stato incluso nell’Elenco del patrimonio mondiale dell'UNESCO.